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One day while showering, I made a lucky discovery. I found that when I shampooed my hair with regular shampoo, then conditioner, I could follow up using intensive care shampoo to treat dandruff better than any anti-dandruff shampoo could on its own.

For as long as I remember, I’ve been trying to deal with my dandruff problem. I tried many different anti-dandruff shampoos, and while some of them might have partially removed dandruff from my hair, the dandruff always came back. It could reappear as soon as I dried my hair. But until now, I’ve tried to keep this problem unknown to as many people as possible.

I am only one of several Uni students with dandruff problems, so I hope this information helps.

I started treating my dandruff by cutting my hair to low levels, but that only helped a little bit. Whenever I sweat a lot, I would find a new layer of dead skin.

To combat this, I focused on shampooing my hair more vigorously and more often. I would use a shampoo like Head & Shoulders three or four times, and the result was better, but the dandruff still didn’t completely go away. I then tried using a mixture of shampoos, and I did research on what causes dandruff.

I found that dandruff isn’t due to a lack of shampooing, but rather it is caused by a more rapid shedding of skin on an individual than normal. This could be due to dry skin, exposing one’s head to extreme temperatures, and bodily reactions to the food one eats.

Most dandruff shampoos work by reducing the rate at which the body sheds skin. But in my case, the shampoo wasn’t effective. I learned that for the shampoo to be effective, I should have it thoroughly distributed it throughout my hair for five minutes. Now I knew how to control my dandruff, but how could I get rid of the currently existing flakes?

I knew that shampoos could get dirt out of my hair, but would have very little effect on the firmly rooted flakes of dandruff. I also knew that conditioners would make my hair softer and smoother. Intensive care shampoos were different in that they fixed bent, rough hairs, and made them smoother and more organized. So by combining all three agents — regular shampoo, conditioner, intensive care shampoo — I would have smooth, cleaner hair devoid of dirt to hold back any flakes. The straighter, smoother hair would allow the dandruff to leave my hair with greater ease.

I also learned that washing my hair in lukewarm water would reduce any unnecessary loss of scalp skin that a hot bath would have destroyed. I still have a few problems with dandruff, but they have been improving, and at this rate, they will hopefully just go away.



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