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In 1926, Carter G. Woodson, the son of former slaves, decided that since American classrooms failed to teach students of African American history in American schools, that there should be a week devoted to the understanding of Black History.

That week has since turned into a month, each and every February of each month.

This year, I learned quite a few things about Black History that I’d like to share:

While Martin Luther King Jr. played an important role in this movement, he was one of many major influential movers and shakers in this movement. King was mostly influential in the South, while people like Elijah Muhammad explained the phenomenon of Northern Black attitude to King, while also being a major decision maker in Northern Black communities.

Malcolm X was also played an important role in organizing Northern black communities, providing northern blacks with the feeling that they weren’t powerless to white power, but could unite to resist discrimination.



  1. BTW In recap, I felt yesterday’s blog was too short, so I wrote another blog about EOH today.

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