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Photo by OakleyOriginals(click to enlarge) This is a locust.

Ever since the early 1900s, locust outbreaks throughout Australia have grown in intensity and frequency. At times there were huge outbreaks costing many millions of dollars worth of damage, but there was always a background consistent population of locusts just waiting to devastate any given piece of farmland.

Even earlier this year, a locust outbreak covered 190000 square miles, which is almost the size of Spain. It affected parts of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. So this problem was quite significant.

So how are Australians dealing with it. Some may try to run over locusts with their cars, while others might even try hitting locusts with a cricket bat. But the most efficient way, in my opinion, is to harvest and eat them.

Locusts are composed of mainly protein, 62 percent protein, and they are the only type of insect that I as a Muslim am allowed to eat. You could cook it in many ways: stir fry, roasted or boiled.

But the most ingenious way, as one cafe in Victoria State Australia put it, was to add them as a topping on pizza. Mayor Glenn Milne of Mildura, Victoria started the idea by trapping locusts in a garbage bag and then adding them to pizza.

As simple an idea as it is, I’ve never heard of anyone else adding these little buggers on pizza. I mean I’ve heard of the inadvertent insect pizza or even the zophobas worms pizza, but even when I do research on locust pizza, I can’t find any sources.

But whether on pizza or just regular food, capitalizing on locust outbreaks may be a new Australian agricultural industry. Bon appetit!


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